Thursday, August 07, 2014

My Internship at TISCO Foundation by Thanya Chat

For the past month, I have, as intern, been the youngest and newest addition to the TISCO Foundation team at TISCO Tower. I went into the internship not really knowing what to expect, but found myself pleasantly surprised by the friendly people, incredible opportunities, and delightful experiences there. I enjoy designing things like posters, brochures, and websites. TISCO Foundation provided me with the perfect opportunity to put the skills I have gained over the years of working in school publications to good use in a real-world setting. I spent my first week working on a poster, while my last few were focused on designing TISCO Foundation’s new brochure.

I would like to thank Khun Nim (manager) and her coworkers for providing me with lots of guidance, support, and kind words during my internship here. Everyone at the office was very welcoming and inclusive, and I truly felt like a real member of the team. This experience was everything I could have expected, and more. Besides working with designs for projects, I also enjoyed visiting small businesses and hospitals to witness the true meaning and impact of TISCO Foundation’s work. This first-hand experience was truly an eye-opener for me, as I saw the direct improvements TISCO Foundation was able to make in the lives of the less fortunate.

I really learned a lot during my internship, from professional to social skills. TISCO Foundation has a very cozy, comfortable environment, and their team is as close-knit as a second family. Everyone helps one another to accomplish tasks and improve the foundation, and I believe that it is through this that they will continue to grow and succeed. I feel sad to leave, but also proud of what I have been able to accomplish during my time at TISCO Foundation. I also hope that in coming years, I will be able to return to help further promote this important cause.


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