Wednesday, July 20, 2005

114 Tsunami Victim Students Scholarships

The Foundation goes to Baan Lum Kaan School, Phangnga Province to distribute scholarships to 114 "Tsunami Victim Students". Khun Vannee Uboldejpracharak, Director and Secretary, is the Chairman of this ceremony. Khun Thaval Vichitvatee, TISCO Bank Phuket Branch Manager, provides kind and valuable assistance.

Khun Vannee, Chairman of the Ceremony, and directors and colleagues of the TISCO Foundation pose with some of the recipients of the TISCO Foundation Tsunami Scholarships.

Khun Vannee presents a souvenir to the Director of Baan Lum Kaan School and thanks him for allowing to use the school for the ceremony.

Khun Vannee presents a TISCO Foundation Tsunami Scholarship to a poor student.

Students register at Baan Lum Kaan School, Phangnga Province, where the Scholarship Distribution Ceremony is held for 114 Tsunami affected students.

Baan Lum Kaan School students prepare welcome drink for the visitors.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Chidchanok Shoeychanpli, Head of OCC TISCO Bank, presents 10 PCs. and some of TISCO Foundation Knowledge Posters to the Director of Wad Koakprajadee School, Nakhonpathom Province.

Apichart Gowsujjaritkul, Head of Human Resourse Management TISCO Bank, presents 15 PCs. and some of TISCO Foundation Knowledge Posters to the Director of Wad O School,Pattalung Province.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Noi Kormard, the Hill Tribe patient at Ratchavidhi Hospital received a Backbone Splice Equipment for his surgery from the Foundation. He is a building contractor who had an accident falling from a building he worked on.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Dr. Suvarn!

TISCO Foundation members present Dr. Suvarn with a birthday cake on the occasion of his birthday.

TISCO Bank Donation to Foundation

Khun Pliu, CEO of TISCO Bank, shows Archarn Kamchorn the Baht 1 Million check under the watchful eyes of Dr.Suvarn.

Khun Pliu Mangkornkanok, CEO of TISCO Bank, presents donation of Baht 1 Million to TISCO Foundation on the occasion that TISCO Finance becomes TISCO Bank. It is also an expression of gratitude to Archarn Kamchorn(TISCO Foundation Chairman) for his generous gift to TISCO Bank of nine of his own paintings which now adorns the new banking hall.

Board Meeting 2/2005

TISCO Foundation Board of Directors Meeting 2/2005.

Monday, July 11, 2005

TISCO Foundation's Working Group

Sitting from left :
1. Sumonrat Asawawilaswong "Aw" Head of Fund Accounting, TASSET.
2. Pattira Wattanawarangkul "Ung" TISCO Foundation Manager.
3. Somsri Promlum "Sri" Contact/Marketing Officer, TISCO Bank.
4. Wipa Mettawiharee "Wi" Head of All Finance, TISCO Bank.
5. Rachaneegorn Peepakdee "Took" Deputy Head of Corporate Service, TISCO Bank.
Standing from left :
1. Weerasak Pattanasinwanich "Moo" TISCO Foundation Assistant Manager.
2. Piya Pipattananimitr "Ton" Counselor of TISCO Bank.
3. Nat Lohachitranond "Nat" Head of Fixed Income Sale Desk, TISCO Bank.
4. Thoranis Komutvong "Tiger" Head-Marketing Admin, HIWAY.
5. Songsak Niltiean "Peed" Head of Retail Follow-up & Legal, TISCO Bank.
6. Chuleeporn Nuamtanong "Ging" Asst.Head of Corporate Marketing & Communication, TISCO Bank.
7. Napaporn Boonlertthaweesuk "Kung" Data Processing Officer, TISCO Bank.
8. Teerayuth Prasertrattana "Tee" Head of Leaseing & HP Loan, TLEASE.

Weerasak Pattanasinwanich, Asst. Manager, TISCO Foundation, presents an "Absorb Phlegm Unit" and an oxygen tank to Mr.Saman Pikulkaew, a lung disease patient, at "Lad Kra Bang Bangkok Hospital.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Traditional Thai Theatrical Puppetry-Charity Showing

TISCO Foundation organized the charity showing of Traditional Thai Theatrical Puppetry (Hun Lakorn Lek) at Joe Loius Theatre, Suan-Lum Night Bazaar. Hun Lakorn Lek was invented 100 years ago by Master Krae Saptawanit but disappeared after the World War II started. It was brought to life again by Joe Louis (Sakorn Yangkhieosod), Thailand's 1996 National Artist.

Khun Suwandee Khaolaorr (Moo), Head of Payroll Processing Service-TSEC, looks at the actors' mask processing.

Students from Suan Lumpini School

Khun Anchalee Bunnag and her son.

Khun Rumpa Tishabhiramya (Toi) and Khun Chang Muangman.

Khun Rangsan and his sons.

Khun Srisooda, Khun Duangrat, Khun Rangsan and his family.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Khun Aunchana Grisa-ard, Head of Back office TSEC, also presents some of TISCO Foundation Knowledge Posters to the Wad Dong Koi School, Pitsanulok Province.

Khun Aunchana Grisa-ard, Head of Back office TSEC, presents 15 PCs to the Director of Wad Dong Koi School, Pitsanulok Province.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

"War of the Worlds" Movie-Charity Showing

Jinda Wiwattanapongpun ("Pang"), Personnel & Admin from HIWAY, with her family after enjoyed the movie.

"War of the Worlds" Movie-Charity Showing

Some of the TISCO staff and families crowd to the theater.

"War of the Worlds" Movie-Charity Showing

Students who received free tickets and supporters totalling 600 people line up to proceed to the viewing of "War of the World".

"War of the Worlds" Movie-Charity Showing

65 Students from Suwansuttharam Vitthaya School received tickets from the TISCO Foundation.

"War of the Worlds" Movie-Charity Showing

40 Students from Santirach Vitthayalai School received donated tickets for "War of the Worlds" from the TISCO Foundation.